antitrust and trade regulation

Services Provided

The success of our clients stems from our attorneys' focus on developing long-term relationships.
We provide the most sound antitrust advice emphasized in understanding each client’s business.

Our antitrust attorneys have assisted with the drafting of Iowa's Antitrust Code.

Business Strategy Advice

Our lawyers counsel clients on strategies to help them achieve their business objectives and to help minimize the potential for litigation.

Challenging Competitive Practices of Others

Our antitrust attorneys represent clients in challenging the competitive practices of other companies, including unfair and deceptive trade and advertising practices and unfair competition.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of acquiring and merging companies, including related litigation.  We advise our clients on joint venture options and other competitor cooperative arrangements.

Antitrust Investigations

Our lawyers are experienced in all types of antitrust matters, including investigations.

Threats of Private Litigation

We advise clients in disputes concerning alleged anti-competitive conduct. With decades of experience in litigation, we formulate successful strategies for the best outcomes.

If you have questions regarding our antitrust and trade regulation practice, please email or call us in Cedar Rapids at (319) 366-7641 or in Coralville at (319) 354-1019.