Our depth of experienced attorneys allows us to selectively staff every case so that each
receives the most qualified and efficient representation.


  • We have experience in cases involving clean-up and liability for environmental contamination, landfill development, other solid waste disposal and transfer, mold liability, other industrial hygiene, odor and other nuisance control.

Public Projects

  • We represent contractors and owners on public projects that include athletic stadiums, event arenas, schools, swimming pools, streets and highways, storm sewer systems, bridges, golf courses, municipal water plants, and waste treatment plants. These projects often include specific construction issues arising out of our practice in commercial and industrial, water and drainage, utilities and energy and public liens.

Utilities and Energy

  • We represent clients providing electrical and other utility services, wind and solar farm development, ethanol plants, coal mines, developing alternative energies. 

Water and Waste Water

  • We represent clients in construction that affects and is affected by water. Specific projects include cofferdams, storm water embankments and retention, dams, dikes, and other alterations of drainage.


  • We represent clients in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings. Specific types of buildings include: stadiums, arenas, schools, dormitories, hospitals, hotels, churches, museums, high rise buildings, office buildings, domes, steel plants. In addition to general commercial and industrial experience, we have attorneys with specialized experience in specific construction issues.

Specific Construction Issues

Our attorneys have experience involving failure analysis and liability as well as contract liability in a variety of specific issues:

  • Structural: geotechnical surveys, subterranean support, foundational systems, backfill and compacting of buried structures, load-bearing system designs, and alteration of drainage
  • Climate control: HVAC, geothermal systems, piping, individual solar and wind systems
  • Roofing and weatherproofing: traditional shingle roofs, elastomeric roof systems, other alternative roof systems, window design and incorporation, cladding and other siding
  • Materials and installation: poured-in-place concrete, and pre-cast concrete systems, mortar and brick systems, glazing, ceramics, carpeting, tile and other surface coverings
  • Business infrastructure: telephone systems computer controls, acoustical material, refrigeration
  • Project Progress: Project delays, extra work claims, liquidated damages, and change orders 


  • Our experience on specific issues, commercial and industrial, water and drainage, and environmental projects allows us to most effectively represent clients when comparable issues arise on residential projects.

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