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Real Estate Law

Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman has a comprehensive real estate practice group with a reputation for successfully planning and implementing some of the state’s most sophisticated real estate development projects, transactions and financing facilities. We have particular experience serving commercial and agricultural real estate clients in the following areas: Negotiating development agreements, structuring real estate development entities, purchase and sale transactions, negotiating financing facilities, structuring tax-advantaged and other publicly-assisted real estate developments, resolving disputes amongst co-owners of real estate, zoning and platting issues, leases, title claims, easements, condemnation proceedings, tax-deferred like-kind exchanges, condominium and other developments, the regulation of real estate brokers, real estate litigation and property tax assessment disputes. 

Legal services provided:

Commercial, farm and residential purchase transactions

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating purchase agreements, including installment contracts and 1031 exchanges
  • Examining abstracts and preparing title opinions
  • Reviewing and negotiating title insurance policies
  • Assisting with financing
  • Preparing and reviewing mortgage loan documentation
  • Preparing and reviewing closing documents
  • Handling closings
  • Organizing real estate auction sales


  • Drafting condominium declarations and condominium association articles and bylaws
  • Converting apartment buildings into condominiums
  • Subdividing condominium units
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating purchase agreements for residential and commercial condominium units
  • Reviewing and counseling regarding condominium declarations and condominium association articles and bylaws

Land use regulation and real estate development

  • Advising regarding zoning, platting and other land use regulations
  • Representing clients at hearings regarding zoning, platting and land use issues
  • Drafting and reviewing development agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing plat documents

Title claim resolution

  • Reviewing and advising regarding title defects
  • Resolving title defects by reforming mortgages, negotiating settlements and subordinations and performing other services

Mortgage lending

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating mortgage and loan agreements
  • Counseling regarding the enforcement of mortgages and other security agreements
  • Litigating to enforce mortgages and other security agreements
  • Purchasing and negotiating title insurance policies

Commercial, farm and residential leasing

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating lease and management agreements
  • Counseling regarding landlord-tenant law
  • Advising regarding disputes between landlords and tenants and enforcing lease agreements

Real estate litigation

  • Foreclosing on mortgages
  • Litigating to enforce lease agreements
  • Appealing property tax assessments
  • Filing and foreclosing various types of liens
  • Forfeiting real estate installment contracts

Property tax assessment disputes

  • Advising regarding property tax assessments
  • Appealing property tax assessments


  • Advising regarding wind easement agreements and other utility easements
  • Advising regarding land use issues applicable to energy facilities
  • Advising regarding security interests in ethanol manufacturing facilities


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